Most businesses post daily on social media but get nothing out of it

Amplify your social reach by turning your employees into social advocates.

Promote your posts organically

Every time someone hits the “like” button on your content, the social network receives the signal that this is valuable content.

As a result, you start to get organic impressions in addition to the impressions of the network of the person who “liked” your post.
The more people who hit “like” on your post, the more visible it become to others, which means even more people will “like” it, and so on… 

So, getting 100 likes (or whatever number of co-workers you have) is not the goal in itself. It’s just a way to start and speed up the spread of your posts across your social networks

"YetiReach has helped me to save $60k on LinkedIn ads"

Your co-workers have 300-500 connections on LinkedIn. Every time they engage with your content, the social network start showing it to their network. Considering CPM about $50, every employee can secure $1,000 worth or impression per year.
"You can use social media to turn strangers into friends, friends into customers and customers into salespeople"
Seth Godin

Make it easy for your co-workers to spread your content

Send personalised emails to your co-workers every time you post something so they have the opportunity to “like” or “share” it with others. This is an incredible source of growth. Follow up with them if they’ve missed a post. Encourage them to engage more with corporate content and create healthy competition by sharing a leaderboard.
Your co-workers want to contribute to the company’s success, so make it easy for them!

Stop bagging likes in Slack

When you ask for social engagement in Slack, everyone assumes the message is not for them. But if you ask the same thing in person, they are much more likely to help. Why? Because you need to make it direct, personal and easy to do, and then you need to follow up if your request has been forgotten.

YetiReach helps you reach out to your colleagues with personalized emails. It also allows you to follow up and creates social pressure by showing who has already promoted the company’s content.

Boost Your Social Network Profiles

Use cases

Brand Awareness
Empower your employees to become your brand’s voice, and reach a bigger audience on social media
Social Selling
Help your sales team establish their thought leadership and build relationships with prospects through relevant social content
Social Hiring
Recruit top talent by leveraging the collective social networks of your employees to showcase your employer brand

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  • up to 50 employees
  • up to 4 posts per month
  • up to $50k/year worth of organic reach
  • up to 120 employees
  • up to 4 posts per month
  • up to $120k/year worth of organic reach
  • up to 350 employees
  • up to 4 posts per month
  • up to $320k/year worth of organic reach